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Serviceflats Residentie Amarosa service flats Residence Amarosa

Service flats Residence Amarosa – Wervik

Aquaconcept has been entrusted to provide shower doors for the service flats at Residence Amarosa in Wervik.

Creating a shower where assistance is also possible is not straightforward.
The specific dimensions and the implementation on a recessed shower tray made this project even more challenging.
However, within the AquaVita range, there are numerous possibilities to address this specific requirement.

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Why choose a shower concept from Aquaconcept

Efficient distribution

The Belgian sanitary market is well organised through retail shops. Our creations are exclusively available in showrooms of Aquaconcept dealers.

Full service

Next to our shower concepts, we also provide maintenance products. Cleaning an Aquaconcept shower is almost as relaxing as taking a one.

Accurate measurement

We deliver our shower concepts by order of sanitary installers, but the measurement of your shower concept is something we take pride in doing ourselves. It is a precise job for which we give our specialists an internal training. The perfect placement depends on an accurate measurement.

Fast delivery

With an average production time of 3-4 weeks for our customized shower concepts, we have proven to be unbeatable in timing. When building or remodelling your bathroom everything should go as smoothly as possible.

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