01. Personal

Carefree customisation for your shower

Our Personal range makes the wildest shower dreams possible. With custommade, innovative shower concepts, we offer you a comfortable shower experience in any area, large or small. We work only with durable materials, such as safety glass, stainless steel, natural stone, Corian®, etc. New construction or renovation?

The large glass panels of our walk-in and walk-through showers always follow the contours of the wall, even if they slope. The perfect installation stands or falls with accurate measurement, which we carry out ourselves. And we not only realise your shower project without a worry, but also do so remarkably fast and efficiently.

Master Concept

Vertaling ontbreekt

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Inox Concept

Inox Concept: a stainless example of architecture. The power of the Inox Concept is in its simplicity. Because Inox (or stainless steel) is a convinced choice for sobriety and timeless elegance. Almost industrial but always in harmony with the play of light in your bathroom, the Inox Concept offers a strong and above all a stainless piece of interior architecture. The modest, minimalistic design is the key element to give this series its grand allure. When choosing Inox Concept, you choose for custom-made design, and equal finishing.

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Sky Concept

Is there another way to install a shower door than by conventionally mounting it against a wall or onto a floor? Sky Concept takes us in a completely different direction. All profiles are attached to, or invisibly attached in the ceiling. The advantages are mostly aesthetical: there is a perfect seal without visible lines or contours at the top. In addition, the system provides more comfort: the shower is completely shielded from draft, and thus stays warmer.

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Slide Concept

Avec la nouvelle série Slide Concept, Aquaconcept élargit son offre de portes coulissantes. Une excellente nouvelle pour ceux et celles qui veulent la paix absolue dans leur douche-oasis. Cette porte coulissante sur mesure de haute qualité est suspendue à un profilé chromé élégant.

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02. Design

Modern showers with style as standard

Our design range is all about style, with great attention to Italian design – assembled in Belgium – with a first-class finish. You choose from a wide range of contemporary standard shower doors and walk-in showers with high adjustability. This adaptability of height and width guarantees a highly functional and well cared-for result.

This product range is available with or without profiles and there is a choice of over 20 types of glass. We also help you play around with the available space in your bathroom. Shower setups for a niche or corner, sliding or swinging doors with and without side panels … Aquaconcept has it all.


If you are looking for an easy-to-install shower door, Easy is definitely the concept you are looking for. This door has a fine clamping profile with controllability up to 20mm, 2 hinges and a handle… Easy to install!

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Wall Concept

‘Wall Concept' is an aesthetic concept that combines an aluminium profile with a wall of high-quality safety glass with all the room in between allowing you to be pampered. The result: a magnificent shower that spoils you in use and maintenance. Moreover, the Wall Concept offers so much space that there is no need to take a shower all by your own…

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03. Comfort

Quality design for a young budget

Our Comfort range proves that stylish design showers do not have to be expensive. This range consists of standard products in standard dimensions at affordable quality: walk-in showers, shower screens, revolving doors with or without side panels.

Thanks to their substantial adjustability (up to 14 cm) these maintenance friendly showers fit perfectly in various situations. What’s more, they are always readily available from stock; enabling speedy installations.

Flex Light

A shower door that fits properly, that is guaranteed by the Flex Light concept. Due to the flexibility of the length (0cm-14cm) this door fits in almost any niche. The door is produced in transparent glass.

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Wall Xower

A walk-in shower made in the purest form. With a thin profile and sleek traverse this shower screen can be used in any shower concept.

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Our beautiful shower screens and wall cladding transform your shower concept into a haven of peace. Discover the luxurious modern shower screens of Aquaconcept.

Onze concepten

Heel wat van deze concepten zijn bovendien ook personaliseerbaar, u kan kiezen uit verschillende glastypes en versieringen. Of u nu op zoek bent naar een op maat gemaakte douchedeur, of een in standaardafmetingen, u kan steeds rekenen op het vakmanschap van Aquaconcept.

Grote keuze

U heeft de keuze tussen onze drie designlijnen: Personal, Design en Comfort. In de Personal lijn kan u alle op maat te maken doucheconcepten terugvinden, in de Designlijn draait alles om stijl en in de Comfort collectie vindt u betaalbare kwaliteit en design.

Ontdek onze unieke Showerroom

Ontdek in het bovenstaand filmpje hoe je snel, eenvoudig en covid-proof een afspraak kan maken in de Aquaconcept Showerroom.