You dream of transforming your bathroom into a wellness paradise. A place to relax, pamper yourself. Catering to your very own wishes and style. Aquaconcept, specialist in custom-made shower concepts, is capable of making this happen.

Our collection includes both custom- made showers as well as adjustable standard solutions. Always with durable materials, that combine modern design with simple maintenance and ease of use. A shower against a sloping wall or with an entry opening at a particular side? It’s possible.

Our professionals guarantee correct measurements and our distributors ensure perfect installation. This way your available space will be optimally used and you will enjoy the ambiance and comfort.

Made in belgium

By choosing Aquaconcept you select experience and reliability. Since 2005, we have become the largest player in the Belgian market for custom-made showers. Our innovative shower concepts distinguish themselves by a minimalist design with large, frameless glass panels.

Our product development closely follows national and international design trends. Aquaconcept stands for excellent Belgian quality with an entire range made in Belgium. With quality service, fast delivery and excellent craftsmanship we also make the difference. Our passion for precise custom-made projects guarantees you a carefree installation.

Our ‘shower room’ allows you and your architect or installer to take a look at our shower solutions. All our models can also be admired exclusively in the showrooms of our sanitary distributors. See our website for a distributor in your neighbourhood.


“We keep our feet on the ground, looking for ways to improve.”


“We go the extra mile.”

Smart design

“We seek the perfect mix between the aesthetic value of the product and its functional features.”


“Together we can achieve more.”


“We make every effort to improve.”

Exclusive service

In addition to design and comfort you receive service at Aquaconcept. We deliver by order of your sanitary distributor, but we take the measures for your shower structures ourselves. That is after all the most precise job, for which our specialist team will visit you on the scene. That way we remain fully 100% responsible for accurate measurements.

Our speedy delivery of our shower concepts turns out to be unbeatable. When building or renovating everything has to be done as quickly as possible. A delay may turn everything topsy- turvy. We therefore take co-responsibility for timely delivery by your sanitary installer.

Why choose Aquaconcept?

  • The Belgian specialist for custom-made design showers
  • Wide choice of standard solutions with high adjustability
  • For each space and every budget
  • Minimalist design according to the latest trends
  • Durable and maintenance friendly materials
  • Measurements taken by a specialist team
  • Rapid delivery

Need inspiration?

Download our unique inspiration guide

Download the unique Aquaconcept inspiration guide
and let yourself be carried away in one
oasis of well-being!


Why choose a shower concept from Aquaconcept

Efficient distribution

The Belgian sanitary market is well organised through retail shops. Our creations are exclusively available in showrooms of Aquaconcept dealers.

Full service

Next to our shower concepts, we also provide maintenance products. Cleaning an Aquaconcept shower is almost as relaxing as taking a one.

Accurate measurement

We deliver our shower concepts by order of sanitary installers, but the measurement of your shower concept is something we take pride in doing ourselves. It is a precise job for which we give our specialists an internal training. The perfect placement depends on an accurate measurement.

Fast delivery

With an average production time of 3-4 weeks for our customized shower concepts, we have proven to be unbeatable in timing. When building or remodelling your bathroom everything should go as smoothly as possible.