Focus is a pivoting swing door in 8 mm safety glass with 3 cm adjustability, allowing for standard sizes to be readily available. Whether in a recess or in a corner configuration, the door seals vertically with magnetic profiles. As for the rubber seals, they are now only applied at the bottom of the door. Furthermore, the long vertical chrome handle will undoubtedly appear modern and sleek, making the door truly stand out.

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Wall Concept

‘Wall Concept' is an aesthetic concept that combines an aluminium profile with a wall of high-quality safety glass with all the room in between allowing you to be pampered. The result: a magnificent shower that spoils you in use and maintenance. Moreover, the Wall Concept offers so much space that there is no need to take a shower all by your own…

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Slide Easy

The Slide Easy is a new shower sliding door in the Design series. It's a virtually frameless sliding door made of 8 mm safety glass, with 5 cm adjustability and available in 14 glass types. With the Slide Easy, there's now a sleek sliding door available in a square matte chrome or chrome-plated version, as well as in matte black or matte white. Both versions are further equipped with a soft-close system that allows the Slide Easy to slide open and close gently.

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The Factor is a recent series made of 6mm glass, featuring a wall profile and a lift system. No transverse stabilizing rod is required for any setup, as stability is achieved through an overhead traverse that also contains the hinge points. Moreover, the doors and side panels have an adjustable range of 40mm. Available in chrome, matte white, or matte black fittings, and always 2000mm in height.

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Flex Light

A shower door that fits properly, that is guaranteed by the Flex Light concept. Due to the flexibility of the length (0cm-14cm) this door fits in almost any niche. The door is produced in transparent glass.

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Slide Light

The Slide Light. A new sliding door (from June 2020) that can be installed both in a recess and with a side panel. The Slide Light recess version can also be extended with a stabilizing bar, giving you a sliding walk-in shower. Ideal for smaller spaces or if you can't fit a large piece of glass on-site. Or perhaps there's a window in the way, and this sliding door can help you overcome that obstacle. Additionally, there's a corner entry version, a four-panel sliding door. All of this available in fixed sizes, 6mm safety glass, with soft close and soft open features, and a release system for maintenance. Always in chrome, matte black, and matte white in stock at Aquaconcept. (from June 2020)

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Bath Concept

Aquaconcept has combined with Bath Concept all know-how for the shower door in the ideal bath wall panel with which you magically turn your bathtub into shower space and keep the bathroom dry. Here, too, Aquaconcept makes made-to-measure possible. We install the bath wall panel perfectly as per the given measurements. In addition Bath Concept offer an ample choice of fixed bath panels, which are readily available from stock. According to your wishes you can always opt for a 1-part panel, or for a 2-part panel with hinges.

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Bath Xower

Need a bath screen quickly? Bath Xower is a bath screen produced in 6mm glass, only clear glass. With wall profile for controllability and possibly a waterprofile on the bath. You can opt for a 1-part wall or a 2-part wall. Shinny or black mat. This is available from stock.

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Onze concepten

Heel wat van deze concepten zijn bovendien ook personaliseerbaar, u kan kiezen uit verschillende glastypes en versieringen. Of u nu op zoek bent naar een op maat gemaakte douchedeur, of een in standaardafmetingen, u kan steeds rekenen op het vakmanschap van Aquaconcept.

Grote keuze

U heeft de keuze tussen onze drie designlijnen: Personal, Design en Comfort. In de Personal lijn kan u alle op maat te maken doucheconcepten terugvinden, in de Designlijn draait alles om stijl en in de Comfort collectie vindt u betaalbare kwaliteit en design.