Factor 403

Factor 403

Factor 403
02. Design

Factor 403

Factor 403 is a 180-degree swing door with 1 fixed door for use in a niche or in combination with the Factor 410.



  • Name: Factor 403
  • Serie: Design
  • Type: 180-degree swing door with 1 fixed door.
  • Freestanding installation: Yes, can be placed between two walls.
  • Combinations: Yes, it can be combined with the Factor 410.
  • Height: Standard 2000mm
    Can’t be lower than standard
    Can’t be higher than standard
  • Width: Max. width up to 1650mm.
  • Finish: 3 colors (Shiny, White matte and Black matte)
  • Glass: 6mm tempered safety glass (standard NBN 23-002, class NBN EN 12600)
  • Types of glass: Transparent, Opal mat, Extra transparent, Bronze, Gris, Green, Crepi, Opal white
  • Glass treatment: Aquaclean
  • Beveling/Cutouts: Not possible.
  • Dimensional survey: Possible with additional cost (upon requested).
  • Installation: Possible with additional cost (upon requested).



  • Customization per mm
  • Standard: effective width measurement is glass width + profile.
  • Custom-made: you provide the desired width. Width from tiling to end of glass.
  • This product is also available through the SPEED range.
  • Adjustability in the profiles 40mm (-20mm / +20mm).
  • Wall profile, hinge profile with lift function, and stop profile with seal.
  • A profile of glass must always be placed on the tiling.
    If not, this could lead to problems with waterproofing.
  • When preparing, consider the size and weight of the glass.
    Can the glass be brought into the bathroom and installed?
  • The dimensional survey can only take place after the installation of the shower tray and tiling

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