01. Personal

Carefree customisation for your shower

Our Personal range makes the wildest shower dreams possible. With custommade, innovative shower concepts, we offer you a comfortable shower experience in any area, large or small. We work only with durable materials, such as safety glass, stainless steel, natural stone, Corian®, etc. New construction or renovation?

The large glass panels of our walk-in and walk-through showers always follow the contours of the wall, even if they slope. The perfect installation stands or falls with accurate measurement, which we carry out ourselves. And we not only realise your shower project without a worry, but also do so remarkably fast and efficiently.

UV Concept

UV Concept

UV Concept (watch video) is a Personal series, thus including measurement, and comes standard with 10mm safety glass available in glossy, stainless steel matte, white matte, and black matte, as well as in the optic 7 hardware colors. Furthermore, there is minimal hardware visible because the glass is UV bonded and does not require a stabilizing bar. The UV Concept consists of a fixed panel with a fixed extension at 90° which is UV bonded. The fixed extension provides stability to the fixed panel, eliminating the need for a stabilizing bar. Almost entirely PURE glass.

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Master Concept

Master Concept shower door and/or shower wall available in all desired shapes, frameless, with a beveled edge or a cutout in the glass, included in the price, made of 8mm safety glass, combined with glass-to-glass lift function hinges and a glass-to-glass door knob. Master Concept is a Personal series, thus including measurement, and is standard available in chrome, but also available upon request in 170 PVD colors.

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Inox Concept

Inox Concept: a stainless example of architecture. The power of the Inox Concept is in its simplicity. Because Inox (or stainless steel) is a convinced choice for sobriety and timeless elegance. Almost industrial but always in harmony with the play of light in your bathroom, the Inox Concept offers a strong and above all a stainless piece of interior architecture. The modest, minimalistic design is the key element to give this series its grand allure. When choosing Inox Concept, you choose for custom-made design, and equal finishing.

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Steel Concept

What's in a name, Steel Concept a shower door and/or shower wall made from black steel and 8mm safety glass. A black matte frame that separates the wet zone from the dry zone. Available in a single black matte frame, or subdivided into 3 or 6 glass panels.

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Sky Concept

Is there another way to install a shower door than by conventionally mounting it against a wall or onto a floor? Sky Concept takes us in a completely different direction. All profiles are attached to, or invisibly attached in the ceiling. The advantages are mostly aesthetical: there is a perfect seal without visible lines or contours at the top. In addition, the system provides more comfort: the shower is completely shielded from draft, and thus stays warmer.

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Slide Concept

Aquaconcept expands its range of sliding doors with Slide Concept. This high-quality custom-made sliding door is installed with a single sleek chrome profile at the top. This profile boasts a high design quality and is extremely fashionable. A 'soft close' feature can be integrated, ensuring that the door can never be opened or closed too forcefully. The door will always slow down and automatically open/close in the last 10 cm. For even quieter and more enjoyable shower experiences

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Our Personal range makes the wildest shower dreams possible. With custommade, innovative shower concepts, we offer you a comfortable shower experience in any area, large or small.

Onze concepten

Heel wat van deze concepten zijn bovendien ook personaliseerbaar, u kan kiezen uit verschillende glastypes en versieringen. Of u nu op zoek bent naar een op maat gemaakte douchedeur, of een in standaardafmetingen, u kan steeds rekenen op het vakmanschap van Aquaconcept.

Grote keuze

U heeft de keuze tussen onze drie designlijnen: Personal, Design en Comfort. In de Personal lijn kan u alle op maat te maken doucheconcepten terugvinden, in de Designlijn draait alles om stijl en in de Comfort collectie vindt u betaalbare kwaliteit en design.